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Name:Zelgadiss Greywords
Birthdate:Sep 29
Location:United States of America
Zelgadiss is a one-third rock golem, one-third brau/blow/drow demon, one-third human chimera. Until he was sixteen or so, he was raised by his great-grandfather, Rezo the Red Priest, who was known as a miracle-worker and one of the great sages of the age. What Zelgadiss would later find out was that all of Rezo's work in the various branches of magic were merely means to an end: restoring his sight. He was obsessed with gaining the ability to open his eyes. What Zel didn't know was why: a shard of the Demon Lord of Chaos, Shabranigdo, was sealed inside Rezo's eyes, corrupting him from the inside out.

The corruption made Rezo obsess so much over gaining sight that he was willing to use his own great-grandson as a test-subject in his experimentation. Zelgadiss, who had been working as Rezo's sword-arm, knew his great-grandfather was unhappy, but felt it was a personal failing - that he wasn't strong enough to make him happy. When Zelgadiss asked for strength, Rezo promised to grant his wish, to give him strength beyond his imagination. He would be completely transformed.

Rezo turned him into a chimera.

As a chimera, Zel's appearance is somewhat striking. His skin is greyish stone, his hair like blue-grey wire. His ears are long and pointed, and his eyes are violet-grey.

The one-third golem part of him makes it so regular swords have extreme difficulty piercing his rock-hard skin, and means he weighs as much as a mid-sized boulder (he makes an excellent anchor). The one-third demon part of him gives him extremely acute hearing and increased speed, letting him hear the slightest sounds that humans would miss, and letting him move far faster than regular humans, as well. It also gives him an increased magical capacity.

He's terribly self-conscious about his appearance and hates being stared at, so when he is in public he often wears the hood of his cloak up, with a fold of cloth covering his nose and mouth.

Zel tends to be rather quiet compared to his more... expressive (good diplomatic word) traveling companions, Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, and Amelia of Seiruun. He is an expert swordsman, as well as a master of Shamanistic magic. His ultimate goal in the world is to find a way to return himself to his human form; despite the power being a chimera has given him, he still feels like he is a freak in that form and wishes to be what he considers normal again. He makes no qualms about his aims, leaving his traveling companions and even going so far as to oppose them when he feels doing so might get him closer to his goal. Amelia, Lina and the others might not understand why regaining his form is so important to him, but Zel has long ago given up trying to explain it.

He feels it should be obvious.

Zelgadiss Greywords is from The Slayers, Slayers Next, and Slayers Try animes, and is the property of Hajime Kanzaka. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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amelia wil tesla seyruun, ancient spells, how to unmake chimeras, lock-picking, occasionally saving the world, shamanism, sorcery, swordsmanship, the claire bible

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